Trump Intelligence Documents – This is a link to DocumentCloud where Buzzfeed has stored the new Donald Trump Intelligence Memos.

Buzzfeed Trump and Allegations – This is a link to the actual Buzzfeed article.

I am unsure as to the veracity of these reports.  Donald Trump has already described them as fake news.  The biggest bombshell regrading Trump is an accusation that the Russian government holds leverage over him due to a sex scandal.  This may not even be a bombshell considering everyone knows about Trumps sexual appetite.

Another bombshell hidden in the report is the allegation that the Trump team paid for the hackers and operatives.  It is unknown if these are the same hackers who work with the Russians, however even this claim is unsurprising.  All campaigns pay for opposition research and try to frame a message.  However this accusation includes the only direct claim of Trump illegality.  For this reason it is surprising that the allegation is not further mentioned or given greater prominence.  For that reason it’s authenticity is questionable.

The report also alleges that the Russians have been working with Donald Trump for at least 6, maybe 8, years.  This may be plausible in the business context, but it is highly unlikely in the presidential context.

The other bombshell concerns a corruption scandal between Ex-Ukrainian President Yanukovych and Paul Manafort.  This has been highly reported on and Manafort resigned.

The rest of the report is underwhelming.  It pins the Wikileaks DNC hack on Russia, and alleges Putin’s preference for Trump.  Yet all foreign nations have their own preference for President of the United States.  The job is of such importance internationally that it makes sense for international leaders to pay attention.  It would be very surprising if US presidential candidates, and their staff, did not have contacts with foreign officials.  This contact does not in itself signal illegality.

At the end of the day we will all know the truth based on how Donald Trumps acts as President.  But as Trump said, having at the least, constructive relations with the Russians is not a bad idea.